Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Rodolfo Burch
27 min readMar 22, 2024

Looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses that combine style, durability, and unbeatable clarity? Look no further than Oakley’s Polarized collection. In this roundup, we’ll be diving into the world of Oakley’s Polarized sunglasses, showcasing their innovative features, sleek designs, and outstanding performance. From their premium lenses to their lightweight frames, Oakley has got you covered with an array of options that suit any activity, style, or preference. So, buckle up and prepare to be impressed as we take you on a journey of the best Oakley Polarized sunglasses the market has to offer.

The Top 20 Best Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

  1. Oakley Gascan Polished Black Sunglasses: Stylish & Lightweight for All-Day Comfort — Oakley Gascan Polished Black Sunglasses — Unique design, premium comfort, and top UV protection, perfect for all-day wear and style.
  2. Oakley Kids’ Sunglasses for Active Outdoor Adventures — Discover the world of colors with Oakley’s Frogskins XXS Prizm Sunglasses — Black. Features PRIZM technology, adjustable comfort, and customizable lenses suitable for kids 5–10 years, making it a perfect choice for your young adventurer.
  3. Stylish Oakley Sutro S Prizm Ruby Unobtainium Sunglasses — Redefining the look of sports-performance eyewear, Oakley Sutro S Prizm Ruby Sunglasses offer exceptional color enhancement, enhanced peripheral vision, and all-day comfort for urban cyclists on-the-go.
  4. Sophisticated and Comfortable Oakley BXTR Sunglasses in Black — Experience the perfect fusion of style, authenticity, and durability with the Oakley BXTR Sunglasses, Black — the ultimate choice for cyclists and fashion enthusiasts alike.
  5. Oakley Flak Xxs Prizm Sunglasses for Kids — Black — Oakley Flak XXS Prizm Sunglasses — black: Lightweight, all-day comfort, and Prizm technology for young adventurers with a durable yet non-slip grip.
  6. Oakley Flak Beta Unisex Sunglasses with Medium Fit — Stand out in style with the Oakley Flak Beta OO9363–16 Unisex sunglasses, providing excellent UV protection and a medium fit with their signature semi-mirror lenses.
  7. Polarized Men’s Sunglasses by Oakley for Sporty Style — Oakley’s Crankshaft Polarized Men’s Sunglasses provide UV protection, comfort, and a secure fit, making them a top choice for casual and active wearers alike.
  8. Oakley Ejector Sunglasses — Satin Black/Prizm 24K Polarized — Experience the perfect blend of style and quality with the Oakley Ejector Sunglasses in Satin Black, featuring Prizm 24K Polarized lenses for crystal-clear vision and a sleek metal frame.
  9. Oakley Gascan Matte Black Sunglasses with Prizm Sapphire Lenses — Experience top-rated comfort and clarity with Oakley Gascan Matte Black Prizm Sapphire Polarized Sunglasses, featuring Plutonite lenses, O-Matter frame material, and an innovative three-point fit system for unparalleled UV protection and all-day wear.
  10. Stylish Oakley Sliver XL Polarized Sunglasses — Experience premium performance with the Oakley Sliver XL Black sunglasses — equipped with black iridium polarized lenses, a standard fit, and featuring Oakley’s unique three-point fit technology for a superior visual experience.
  11. Stylish Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses with Performance Shield Lens Technology — Experience ultimate comfort and style with Oakley Batwolf Shield sunglasses, featuring lightweight O Matter frames, HDO performance shield lens technology, and interchangeable accessory metal icon accents.
  12. Oakley Men’s Sliver Sunglasses — Stylish and High-Performance with Advanced UV Protection — Experience unparalleled style and performance with the Oakley Men’s Sliver Sunglasses, featuring Plutonite lenses, a three-point fit, and premium O-Matter frame material for maximum comfort and UV protection.
  13. Oakley Valve Sunglasses — Durable, Comfortable Design — Experience unparalleled comfort and performance with the Oakley Valve Sunglasses in Black Iridium Lens, featuring its innovative Zero-pressure Three-Point Fit, lightweight O Matter frame material, and optimized peripheral vision and side protection.
  14. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses — Lightweight and Stylish with HDO Lenses and Unobtainium Earsocks — Experience unparalleled vision and comfort with the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses, featuring 24K polarized lenses, lightweight O Matter frame, and Unobtainium earsocks for ultimate performance and style.
  15. Eye-catching Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses with UV Protection — Experience the classic retro appeal and advanced UV protection of Oakley’s OO9245 Frogskins Sunglasses — featuring lightweight Plutonite lenses, enhanced O Matter frame, and an available Prizm option for a color-enhanced vision.
  16. Oakley Oil Rig Polarized Sunglasses — Lightweight and Durable Design — Experience ultimate comfort and protection with Oakley Oil Rig sunglasses featuring O-Matter frames, PRIZM lens technology, and Plutonite Polycarbonate lenses for superior UV protection and clarity.
  17. Stylish Oakley Valve Polarized Sunglasses — Experience ultimate comfort and style with Oakley’s Valve Polarized Sunglasses”, combining the brand’s unmatched durability and design with cutting-edge technology for optimal protection and vision enhancement.
  18. Portal X Oakley 946018 Sunglasses: All-Day Comfort and Style — Experience ultimate comfort and durability with Oakley PORTAL X Polished Black sunglasses, featuring O-Matter frame material, enhanced grip, and Prizm Lens Technology for exceptional visual clarity.
  19. Oakley Two Face Sunglasses — Matte Black/Prizm Polarized — Experience the perfect blend of comfort, style, and advanced technology with Oakley Twoface Sunglasses — Matte Black/Prizm Polarized, featuring lightweight O Matter frame material, precision-formed aluminum lower orbital, and unparalleled visual clarity.
  20. Stylish Oakley Prizm Sunglasses with Clear Vision — Experience excellent performance and stylish design with the updated Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 Prizm sunglasses, featuring an O Matter frame, Prizm Black lenses, and a secure Three-Point Fit system.


Oakley Gascan Polished Black Sunglasses: Stylish & Lightweight for All-Day Comfort


I recently had the chance to try on a pair of Oakley Gas Can Sunglasses, and I must say, they’re a stylish and unique addition to my collection. The lenses are cut from a single lens shield, giving them a continuous and contoured look, which really sets them apart from other sunglasses. Oakley even customized their corporate logo just for these sunglasses, now that’s dedication!

One of the most noticeable features of these sunglasses is the lightweight O-Matter frame. It offers premium comfort as it’s both lightweight and durable for all-day wear. The XYZ Optics also maximizes your peripheral vision, so you can see everything around you without any discomfort. The lenses on my pair are impact-resistant and meet the ANSI Z87.1 standards, so I feel safe knowing my eyes are well-protected.

However, the three-point fit might take some getting used to. It holds the lenses in precise optical alignment, but it can cause some pressure points on your ears, which may be uncomfortable for some users. Additionally, I found that the frames themselves are rather snug on my face, which is something to consider when making a purchase.

Overall, the Oakley Gas Can Sunglasses are a solid choice for those looking for a stylish and well-protected pair of shades. Just be aware of the potential pressure points and snug fit when making your decision.

Oakley Kids’ Sunglasses for Active Outdoor Adventures


Slipping on the Frogskins Xxs from Oakley Prizm felt like a breath of fresh air for young children looking for fashionable and functional sunglasses. The iconic frame design has been tailored to fit the needs of the 5 to 10-year-old crowd, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising style.

One of the best features of Frogskins Xxs is the customizable lens options, allowing children to enhance their visibility in various environments and activities. The blue light-blocking lenses offer even more protection for their developing eyes.

However, some parents expressed frustration with the age recommendation on the XXS sizing, believing that the fit should be for children aged 5–7 years old instead of 8–10 as suggested in the size chart.

Overall, the Oakley Frogskins Xxs Prizm sunglasses offer a combination of fashion, function, and customization for the young trendsetters that need both sun and style protection.

Stylish Oakley Sutro S Prizm Ruby Unobtainium Sunglasses


I recently snagged myself a pair of Oakley Sutro S Prizm Ruby sunglasses. These bad boys looked just the part for life on the go, with lenses designed to enhance color and contrast, a large lens for improved peripheral vision, and Oakley’s Unobtainium nosepads providing a snug, comfortable fit. The stylish, wraparound shape was perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, especially for urban cyclists!

Now, let’s dive into my experience wearing these sunglasses. First off, the Prizm lenses were amazing, letting me see more detail in all sorts of light conditions. The lenses didn’t fog up at all, which was one of my main concerns. I felt like I could wear them all day without any issues.

The O Matter frame material was durable and comfy, living up to Oakley’s reputation for creating top-quality products. The thinner temples also fit great with hats and helmets, which was a nice bonus.

However, there was one downside — the fit around my nose. The Unobtainium nosepads didn’t quite provide the perfect fit for my face, which was disappointing. But that’s just a minor detail.

All in all, I highly recommend giving the Oakley Sutro S Prizm Ruby sunglasses a try. They provide great protection and clear vision, with a stylish design that’s perfect for an active lifestyle. The only thing to watch out for is the fit around your nose — although it’s a minor issue compared to everything else!

Sophisticated and Comfortable Oakley BXTR Sunglasses in Black


The Oakley BXTR sunglasses are an excellent choice for daily wear and outdoor activities. I’ve been using these sunglasses for a while now, and I have to say, they’ve become my go-to for cycling and other sports. The plant-based BiO-Matter material provides a lightweight yet sturdy frame, making them both comfortable to wear and extremely durable.

One of the standout features is the shield design, which offers high protection against glare and UV rays. The trigger stem is inspired by Oakley’s original Razor Blade sunglasses, adding an eye-catching touch to the modern style. These sunglasses also have a versatile, wide fit, and I love how they stay in place, even when I’m sweating or engaging in high-intensity activities.

The only downside I encountered was that the lenses were a bit too see-through for my liking, as I prefer blacked-out lenses. However, this is a minor issue compared to the overall quality and performance of these sunglasses. The Oakley BXTR is a great choice for anyone looking for stylish and highly functional eyewear that can handle the demands of an active lifestyle.

Oakley Flak Xxs Prizm Sunglasses for Kids — Black


Last week, I tried out the Oakley Flak, a pair of sunglasses made for kids and teenagers. The first thing that caught my attention was how light they felt — I’m not surprised considering the frame is made of durable O-Matter material. Even though they’re lightweight, they’re far from breaking easily.

One of the most impressive features is their non-slip temple tips and Unobtainium nose pads. The temple tips fit snugly, making sure they stay in place all day long. These sunglasses fit perfectly without giving you that tight feeling, especially if your face is narrow.

The Prizm Dark Grey lenses are another great aspect of these sunglasses. I noticed how well they optimize color and contrast, making everything appear clearer and brighter. Plus, they offer excellent UV protection, another nice plus!

However, I do have one tiny critique. As great as the sunglasses are, I’ve noticed they tend to be a bit more suited for smaller faces. In my experience, they’re ideal for younger individuals and those with slimmer faces.

Overall, I highly recommend the Oakley Flak for kids and teenagers who want comfortable, stylish, and functional sunglasses that will protect their eyes from harmful UV rays.

Oakley Flak Beta Unisex Sunglasses with Medium Fit


During a recent hike in the bright, sun-drenched trails of Colorado, I decided to test out the Oakley Flak Beta sunglasses. Their bold design and sporty essence matched my adventurous personality and their UV protection caught my attention. Upon putting them on, the sunglasses felt sturdy and lightweight, and I loved the secure fit around my nose and ears. As I started walking, the frames didn’t have any irritating pressure points and the lenses provided a crystal-clear view of the surrounding nature.

The Jade Iridium lenses gave off a cool, semi-mirrored effect that not only provided excellent sun protection but also added a hint of style to my look. After a few hours of continuous wear, I didn’t experience any annoying marks or scratches on the lens. The fact that the frame is made from solid plastic made me feel confident that they would withstand any outdoor challenge, and the lenses provided a wide visibility that aided in spotting any hidden trails.

One downside I noticed was that these sunglasses don’t have polarized lenses, which some users might find important for reducing glare in water or snow. Additionally, I discovered that they sit a little bit closer to my cheeks and the bridge of my nose compared to other pairs of Oakley sunglasses I’ve tried.

Overall, the Oakley Flak Beta sunglasses have become my go-to choice for outdoor adventures and sunny days. Their combination of style, durability, and great UV protection make them an excellent option for those who want to protect their eyes while looking good doing it. However, if you’re in the market for polarized lenses or prefer a slightly different fit around the bridge and temples, you might want to check out other Oakley models.

Polarized Men’s Sunglasses by Oakley for Sporty Style


I recently had the opportunity to try out the Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Men’s Sunglasses, and let me tell you, they’re a game changer. The sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable, making them perfect for everyday wear. My favorite feature? The UV protection lens that kept my eyes safe from the harsh sun rays. The design of the temples also made a world of difference, providing a snug fit without causing any discomfort.

As much as I loved these sunglasses, there were a couple of downsides. The lens material felt a bit cheap, which was unexpected from such a reputable brand. And while the contoured arms provided a secure fit, they sometimes caused a bit of irritation on the side of my face. All in all, I was impressed with the Oakley Crankshaft Polarized Men’s Sunglasses and their ability to protect my eyes from the damaging rays of the sun.

Oakley Ejector Sunglasses — Satin Black/Prizm 24K Polarized


Oakley’s Ejector Sunglasses in Satin Black/Prizm 24K Polarized are a stylish and practical choice for men who love spending time outdoors. I have been using these sunglasses for a few weeks now, and they have become an essential part of my daily routine.

One of the standout features of these sunglasses is their metal frame, which feels sleek and sturdy. The square shape of the sunglasses is modern yet classic, adding an air of sophistication to the design. The Satin Black color is understated yet eye-catching, making these sunglasses a perfect choice for any occasion.

The lenses are another highlight of the Ejector Sunglasses. With Prizm — Mirror Polarized technology, they provide exceptional clarity and protection from the sun’s rays. The lenses have a protection index of 3, which ensures that they won’t get scratched easily. I also appreciate that these sunglasses are compatible with corrective lenses, making them an excellent choice for those with vision issues.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks to these sunglasses. Firstly, they may be a bit heavy for some users, especially those with Rx lenses. Secondly, the sunglasses don’t wrap around the sides enough, allowing some light to seep through.

Despite these small issues, I am overall impressed with the Oakley Ejector Sunglasses. Their stylish design, excellent lens technology, and sturdy construction make them a worthy addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Oakley Gascan Matte Black Sunglasses with Prizm Sapphire Lenses


These Oakley Gascan Prizm Sapphire Polarized sunglasses have been a game-changer for me. The lightweight O Matter frame material is both comfortable and durable, making them perfect for all-day wear. The high definition optics with Plutonite lens material provide top UV protection and keep my eyes safe from harmful blue light. The three-point fit retains the lenses in precise optical alignment, which is a standout feature for me.

However, I must admit, they can be a bit snug, which might not be ideal for everyone. Additionally, I found out the hard way that the prescription lenses aren’t consistent across all Oakley sunglasses. Overall, I’m still very happy with my purchase and the protection it provides. These sunglasses have become my go-to choice for outdoor activities and keeping my vision safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Stylish Oakley Sliver XL Polarized Sunglasses


The Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses in black have quickly become my go-to pair for any outdoor activity. The lens color, black iridium, has been a game-changer in eliminating harsh glare and providing crystal clear vision. With a standard fit, the frames are comfortable and effortlessly stylish. I was initially hesitant about the size, but the Sliver XL shape has turned out to be perfect for me.

What stands out most to me is Oakley’s unique three-point fit system, which ensures these sunglasses stay in place when I’m actively running, biking, or fishing. Their lightweight yet durable material makes them the ideal choice for all my outdoor adventures.

However, there’s one downside- I’ve noticed that the glasses can fog up in warmer temperatures, which may not be ideal for those living in areas with consistent warmer weather. Overall, I’d recommend the Oakley Sliver XL sunglasses for their versatility and top-notch fit. If you’re a fan of outdoors and sunny days, these sunglasses will surely enhance your enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Stylish Oakley Batwolf Sunglasses with Performance Shield Lens Technology


I recently had the chance to try on a pair of Oakley Batwolf sunglasses, and I must say, they did not disappoint. The matte black ink frame with black iridium polarized lenses looked sleek and stylish on my face. One of the first things I noticed was how lightweight these sunglasses were, thanks to the O Matter frame material. This made them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The lenses themselves were impressive, with Oakley’s performance shield technology and HDO lens options providing excellent clarity and protection against harmful UV rays. The polarized and iridium lenses definitely made a difference in reducing glare and improving my overall visual experience.

Another feature I enjoyed was the interchangeable accessory metal icon accents. Swapping out the icons allowed me to change the look of my sunglasses in seconds, adding a personal touch to my style. However, I did find that the metal icons could be a bit tricky to attach and remove at times, which was a minor inconvenience.

Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the Oakley Batwolf sunglasses. They provided excellent protection and visual comfort, while also being stylish and functional. If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, these are definitely worth considering.

Oakley Men’s Sliver Sunglasses — Stylish and High-Performance with Advanced UV Protection


I recently had the chance to try out the Oakley Men’s Sliver Sunglasses, Black, and I must say, I was quite impressed with the overall experience. From the moment I put these glasses on, I noticed the distinct quality and attention to detail that Oakley brings to the table. The first thing that stood out to me was the lightweight yet durable O-Matter frame material. It felt great on my face, and I could tell that it was built to last.

One of the most impressive features of these sunglasses was the Plutonite lenses. They offer top-notch UV protection, filtering 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400nm. This meant that my eyes felt protected from the harsh rays of the sun, allowing me to enjoy the outdoors without any worry.

The three-point fit of these sunglasses was also a highlight. It held the lenses in precise optical alignment while eliminating pressure points that I often experience with frames that hook the ears. This made for a comfortable experience, even after wearing the sunglasses for extended periods of time.

However, like any product, there were a few drawbacks to consider. For example, the lenses are not polarized, which might be an issue for some users. Additionally, the arms of the sunglasses felt somewhat flimsy, and I did notice that they scratched quite easily.

In conclusion, the Oakley Men’s Sliver Sunglasses, Black, offer a great blend of style, comfort, and protection. While there are a few minor issues to consider, the overall experience was quite positive. If you’re in the market for a high-quality pair of sunglasses that won’t break the bank, these might just be the perfect fit for you.

Oakley Valve Sunglasses — Durable, Comfortable Design


As a fashion enthusiast and sunglasses lover, I’m thrilled to share my experience with the Oakley Valve Sunglasses — Black Iridium Lens. The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek design and the comfort provided by the lightweight O Matter frame material. This feature offers both durability and all-day comfort, which is crucial for me as I wear sunglasses frequently.

One aspect that truly stood out was the Zero-pressure, Three-Point Fit. It provided such a comfortable and secure fit that I would forget I was even wearing sunglasses sometimes. The improved alignment of the lenses due to this feature enhances the performance, meeting all ANSI Z87.1 optical standards.

The extended peripheral view and side protection offered by the 8.75 base lens curvature was an unexpected surprise. This feature was incredibly useful on sunny days, not only providing me with better sun protection but also making me feel more aware of my surroundings.

However, one thing that could have been improved was the protection during handling and shipping. I found a scuff on the lens, which slightly diminished the overall quality experience in my mind.

Overall, I found the Oakley Valve Sunglasses — Black Iridium Lens to be a fantastic all-rounder. The sleek design and innovative features make it an impressive choice for those looking for comfortable and high-quality sunglasses that offer great performance and style. Despite the minor issue with the lens protection, I still highly recommend these sunglasses.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses — Lightweight and Stylish with HDO Lenses and Unobtainium Earsocks


Last winter, I got my hands on the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses, sporting a sleek and durable design. The sunglasses, with their lightweight Plastic frame and metal icon accents, felt comfortable right from the start, as if the designers considered comfort without compromising style.

One of my favorite features is the Unobtainium nosepads and ear socks. They not only contribute to the overall comfort but also ensure a snug fit that makes them my go-to sunglasses for outdoor activities. Besides, their protective casing allows for safe storage when I’m not wearing them.

However, even though their HDO lens works pretty well, I found the lenses themselves to be disappointingly clear. I expected the lenses to provide better color and contrast, especially considering the Oakley’s reputation. I’ve tried them in different conditions, including wind and rain, but the lens clarity just doesn’t stand up to other high-performance sunglasses I’ve used.

While the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses offer good protection against wind, sun, and impact, the relatively tight frame and limited adjustability might not be the right fit for everyone. This product fits the sporty, casual style perfectly, but if you need something more suited to professional use, these might not be the best choice.

Overall, the Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses offer lightweight comfort and stylish design at a reasonable price. However, their lens clarity doesn’t meet my expectations, making this experience a bit of a mixed bag.

Eye-catching Oakley Frogskins Sunglasses with UV Protection


As I took my first look at the Oakley OO9245 Frogskins Low Bridge Fit Square Sunglasses, I felt an instant connection with the nostalgia of the ’80s. Oakley brought back the original tooling from that era and combined it with modern enhancements.

The first thing I noticed was the lightweight O-Matter frame. It’s incredibly comfortable, especially after wearing heavier sunglasses in the past. I appreciated how the plastic material was flexible yet sturdy. It provided an excellent fit and didn’t feel too tight on my face. The lens quality also impressed me, offering clear and sharp vision, as promised by Oakley’s High Definition Optics technology.

The sunglasses feature a rectangular-shaped frame that adds a fashionable touch to the design. I found myself turning heads whenever I wore them, but I also noticed some minor drawbacks. While the lens technology provided impressive color contrast, it also made the lenses feel slightly larger than needed for my face.

The biggest downside came with the low bridge fit. I have a smaller face, and the sunglasses seemed too big, often slipping down my nose. This was especially noticeable when I wore them during intense outdoor activities. Despite this issue, the sunglasses still offered a decent fit, and I appreciated the convenient pouch for safe storage.

Overall, the Oakley OO9245 Frogskins Low Bridge Fit Square Sunglasses have a nostalgic charm and offer a comfortable fit, but the size might be a bit too large for those with smaller faces.

Oakley Oil Rig Polarized Sunglasses — Lightweight and Durable Design


I recently tried the Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses, and let me tell you, they are the bomb! The Plutonite Lenses provide amazing UV protection, and I love how they help filter out harmful blue light. The O-Matter frames are super comfortable and lightweight, making them perfect for all-day wear.

One thing I noticed is that the sunglasses’ wrap-around design gives me excellent protection from bright sunlight. I also appreciate the PRIZM Lens Technology, which enhances color, contrast, and detail for a better outdoor experience.

However, I found one downside: the sunglasses don’t have the customization options that were available years ago, which is a bit disappointing. It would be great if there were more choices for frame colors and designs.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses. They’re comfortable, stylish, and protective, making them a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I highly recommend them to anyone who loves the outdoors and wants a pair of sunglasses that’ll last a lifetime.

Stylish Oakley Valve Polarized Sunglasses


Step out in style with the Oakley OO9236 VALVE sunglasses. These rectangular frames offer a touch of sophistication, crafted from lightweight, scratch-resistant acetate material that ensures a comfortable and sturdy fit.

The lenses provide 100% UV protection, enhanced clarity, and contrast, thanks to Oakley’s Prizm technology. The sunglasses also feature Unobtainium ear socks and temple tips that offer a non-slip grip, ensuring they stay in place during various activities.

The lenses offer precise optical alignment, and the metal accents add a touch of luxury. Overall, the Oakley OO9236 VALVE sunglasses offer both style and practicality for those who demand the best in eyewear.

Portal X Oakley 946018 Sunglasses: All-Day Comfort and Style


Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the Oakley Portal x Sunglasses in Polished Black. The first thing that caught my attention was the modern design, which looked both stylish and suitable for athletes. The lightweight O-Matter frame provided durability and all-day comfort, perfect for keeping up with life on-the-go.

One feature I found particularly impressive was the Unobtainium on the inside of the earsocks and nosepads. This material increased grip when wet, ensuring the eyewear stayed securely in place, even during outdoor activities. I also appreciated the availability of Prizm Lens Technology, which enhanced color and contrast, allowing me to see more detail.

However, there were a couple of less-than-ideal aspects I encountered while using the sunglasses. The frame size felt slightly oversized for my face, which might not be an issue for everyone, but it did make the sunglasses look a bit too big on me. Additionally, the nose grips occasionally detached and required reattachment, which was somewhat inconvenient.

All in all, the Oakley Portal x Sunglasses in Polished Black offered a combination of modern design, lightweight comfort, and impressive lens technology. While there were a couple of drawbacks, the overall experience was positive, making these sunglasses a solid choice for those seeking stylish and functional eyewear for both casual wear and sports.

Oakley Two Face Sunglasses — Matte Black/Prizm Polarized


The Oakley Two Face sunglasses are more than just a pair of stylish spectacles; they’re a lifestyle statement. Made from lightweight O Matter frames mixed with aluminum lower rims, these sunglasses offer both durability and sleekness. I’ve tried them personally and have to say, the Two Face is indeed a rare breed in the world of sunglasses. The precision-formed aluminium lower orbital feels solid and comfortable against the face and provides a perfect fit for those who wear ball caps, a feature that many of the reviewers highlighted. The 6 base lens geometry and HDO technology ensure clear vision without any distortion on the periphery.

When it comes to lenses, Oakley Plutonite material stands out with its ability to filter 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays while maintaining impact resistance. This is not just about protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays but also about providing a more comfortable viewing experience, something that resonated particularly with the user reviewing them during a fishing trip.

Wearing these sunglasses feels like seeing the world in HD. The vibrant colors stand out against the backdrop of other, less defined details. It’s a subtle yet noticeable difference, one that contributes to the overall enjoyment of wearing them.

Despite the amazing features, the Two Face sunglasses do come with a price tag that may deter some buyers. It’s a trade-off, however. For those who value style, comfort, and advanced technology in their sunglasses, the Two Face is worth the extra expense. But for those who are looking for a more budget-friendly option, it might not be the best fit.

Overall, the Oakley Two Face sunglasses are a fine blend of durability, style, and advanced technology. They’re a worthy investment for anyone looking for more than just a pair of sunglasses. It’s a decision worth considering, especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time outside under the sun.

Stylish Oakley Prizm Sunglasses with Clear Vision


Imagine stepping out into a bracing winter’s day, where snowflakes whirl around you like an ever-changing snowstorm, and the world is bathed in a bright, cold light. You’ll want to protect your eyes from the glare and the biting wind. That’s where the Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 sunglasses come in, a pair of sunglasses that offers both style and functionality.

The O-Matter frame of these glasses is flexible and durable, making them perfect for use in a variety of weather conditions. The Prizm black lenses not only block wind and glare from the sun, but they also provide crystal-clear vision. The Three-Point Fit system ensures a secure fit on your head, even during high-intensity activities.

However, these sunglasses do have their quirks. For instance, the frames can press against your ears when worn with a helmet, causing discomfort initially. But fear not, this issue resolves itself as the day goes on. Additionally, the torch lens might not be quite what you expect it to be, with a somewhat lighter red tint than typically seen in torch-iridium lenses.

The Oakley Wind Jacket 2.0 sunglasses are a great choice for anyone seeking stylish, high-performance eyewear. They’re perfect for snow sports, cycling, or any other outdoor activities where you need to protect your eyes from the elements. Just remember, they might take a bit of getting used to, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right Oakley Polarized Sunglasses can be a daunting task for anyone, but with the right knowledge and understanding of essential features, considerations, and advice for this product category, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the most important aspects to consider when selecting your perfect pair of Oakley Polarized Sunglasses.


Important Features

Here are some crucial features you should consider while selecting your ideal Oakley Polarized Sunglasses. These features will contribute to your overall satisfaction with the sunglasses, ensuring comfort, functionality, and style. 1) Lens Material: Lens material plays a significant role in determining the overall quality and performance of the sunglasses. High-quality sunglasses typically have lenses made from polycarbonate, which is lightweight, impact-resistant, and provides excellent optical clarity. 2) Lens Color: The lens color can affect the sunglasses’ performance and style. Different lens colors offer varying levels of light reduction and contrast enhancement, making it essential to choose one based on your preference and intended use, such as golfing or driving. 3) Frame Material: Oakley uses lightweight and durable materials like O-Matter and Unobtainium for their frames. The choice between these two materials will influence the overall comfort, durability, and style.


To ensure that your Oakley Polarized Sunglasses meet your expectations, it’s vital to consider the following aspects as well. 1) Fit: A proper fit is essential for your sunglasses’ comfort and performance. Different lens shapes and sizes are available to cater to various facial structures, so make sure you choose one that suits your face shape and size. 2) UV Protection: Look for sunglasses with at least 99% UV protection to ensure your eyes are well taken care of. 3) Price: Oakley Polarized Sunglasses come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end models with additional features. Carefully evaluate your budget and your needs before making a purchase.


General Advice

Here are some general tips and pieces of advice to consider when purchasing Oakley Polarized Sunglasses. 1) Try them on: Always try the sunglasses on your face to ensure a perfect fit, comfort, and functionality. 2) Opt for polarized lenses: Polarized lenses reduce glare significantly and enhance your overall viewing experience, especially outdoors. 3) Be aware of frame materials: O-Matter and Unobtainium are lightweight and durable materials. Choose based on your preference for comfort and style.

By considering essential features, factors, and general advice, you can make an informed decision when purchasing Oakley Polarized Sunglasses. Ensure that you pick a pair that suits your specific needs and preferences for optimal comfort, performance, and style. Happy shopping! Please remember that this guide does not recommend or suggest any specific product. It serves as a foundation for choosing Oakley Polarized Sunglasses.



What makes Oakley polarized sunglasses special?

Oakley’s expertise in creating high-performance eyewear is evident in their polarized sunglasses. They feature advanced technologies like Prizm lens technology for enhanced color and contrast, as well as impact-resistant lenses for durability. Combined with the brand’s iconic design and unmatched comfort, Oakley polarized sunglasses are a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Additionally, Oakley’s commitment to innovation and quality is reflected in their polarized sunglasses, making them a reliable investment for anyone seeking stylish and functional eyewear for various activities and environments. From extreme sports to casual day-to-day wear, Oakley polarized sunglasses deliver exceptional performance and style.

What different lens colors and finishes are available for Oakley polarized sunglasses?

Oakley offers a wide range of lens colors and finishes to suit various preferences and intended uses. Some popular options include the following:

  1. Rose lens: Enhances contrast for excellent clarity in low-light conditions, 2) Green lens: Provides natural color enhancements for outdoor activities like fishing, 3) Dark Gray lens: Suitable for bright sunlight, and 4) Polarized Pitch lens: Excellent for driving or water activities.

In terms of finishes, Oakley provides a selection of frame colors and variations like matte, glossy, and a combination of both. Customers can find the perfect combination of lens color and frame finish to match their unique style and personal preferences. Oakley’s versatile collection ensures that there’s an suitable option for everyone.


Are Oakley polarized sunglasses suitable for prescription lenses?

Yes, Oakley polarized sunglasses can accommodate prescription lenses. Customers with vision issues can opt for Oakley’s RX program which allows them to order eyewear with their prescription lenses. The program covers various lens types, including bifocal, trifocal, and multifocal lenses, ensuring that individuals with diverse vision requirements can enjoy the benefits of Oakley’s polarized sunglasses.

To order prescription lenses with your Oakley polarized sunglasses, simply provide your prescription information when placing your order through the RX program. Oakley’s RX program guarantees that your lenses are crafted with the same high-quality materials and attention to detail as their non-prescription counterparts, ensuring your satisfaction.

Do Oakley polarized sunglasses have a warranty?

Oakley provides a limited lifetime warranty on their polarized sunglasses. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and material issues affecting the product’s functionality. If you encounter any issues with your Oakley polarized sunglasses, you can contact Oakley’s customer service for assistance, replacement, or repair.

It is essential to note that the warranty does not cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear or accidental damage. Proper care and maintenance, such as cleaning and storing your sunglasses according to Oakley’s instructions, can help prolong the warranty period and extend the life of your sunglasses.


What are some of the most popular Oakley polarized sunglass models?

Oakley offers a vast range of polarized sunglass models, each designed with specific activities and styles in mind. Some of the most popular models include:

  1. Flak 2.0: A versatile model with interchangeable lenses, lightweight frame, and excellent protection, 2) Holbrook: A timeless design inspired by 1940s and 50s eyewear, and 3) Radar EV Path: A cutting-edge model with unobstructed 4X lens, excellent ventilation, and a sleek design.

These popular models showcase Oakley’s commitment to innovation, design, and performance in their polarized sunglasses. By exploring the vast selection of models available, customers can find the perfect fit and style that suit their unique preferences and intended use of the sunglasses, making it easy to find an Oakley polarized sunglass that meets their needs.

Are Oakley polarized sunglasses suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies?

Yes, Oakley’s polarized sunglasses are safe for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Their frames are made from materials like aluminum, titanium, or plastic, which are generally hypoallergenic and do not cause irritation for most individuals. The sunglasses undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they meet safety and health standards to minimize the risk of allergic reactions or irritation.

Furthermore, Oakley provides a range of frame options and lens colors to suit different preferences, ensuring that individuals with sensitive skin or allergies can find a suitable combination that meets their needs. If you have specific concerns regarding frame materials or lens compatibility, it is recommended to contact Oakley’s customer service for further guidance.